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    Is there a FREE Anniversary and Birthday entering program for the Visor/Pilot? I had that on my Sharp Wizard and is missing or unknown to me on my Visor. On my Wizard I just entered the Birthday/Anniversary in a list and it posted them in the Calendar.
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    Reminder 2.0. You can find it on PalmGear.
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    I was using a Wizard before I got my Visor as well... I definitely like the Visor better.

    Anyway... you can simply add the birthday/anniversay entries to the calendar. As part of a calendar entry you can go into details and mark that it's a yearly recurring event.

    For what it's worth, I exported the data from Daytimer as a tab delimited ASCII file and then imported that into Outlook 97. This was a semi-laborious, but effective method of transferring the data from my Wizard to my Visor.

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    I do the same thing as LarryD, set up annual recurring events in the calendar. In addition, I set up an annual recurring event 2 weeks prior to the anniversary/birthday that alarms and reads "Anniversary in two weeks- don't forget to buy gift!!" I haven't slept in the doghouse since!!
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    I've been reading a lot of people bemoaning the lack of birthday, anniversary, etc. abilities on the Visor Datebook app. I have not, however, seen anyone mention that Outlook will add birthday info from its contacts to the calendar automatically.

    That's my way of coping! Anyone else use Outlook to do it for you?

    MJH <><

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