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    I want to sync only the last 7 days with Versamail, but when I tell it to get mail, it tries to sync all 580 emails in my Inbox. Does anyone know if this is a known bug, or has anyone had anyluck getting this to work? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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    Do all of the 580 messages actually get downloaded?
    I'm assuming that your account is POP, and in that case there is no way for any client to determine when a message was recieved until it looks at the headers of every message in there. From there, if the server supports a certain command then only the latest messages will come down without having to compare all of them.
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    For me is says it is going to try 1070 or whatever and then it stops after 5 or whatever is new in the past 7 days. It then tells me that 1065 didn't get downloaded because it's outside my date range (which I wish I could disable, because I know that).
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    This is using IMAP, I will try and let it download all of them and see if I get the message about the date range.


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