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    Such as the Cellsocket

    Would love to be able to set this up on my home telephone lines so that I can have one number. Anybody know of anything? I've not seen it advertised anywhere for Treos.


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    There's a thread floating around here that deals with this very topic. Unfortunately, all of the products listed are not treo-compatible at this time. Seems Motorola and Nokia make up the bulk of the designs, which makes sense, given market share.
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    I use a feature on my land based phone called "select ring- call forwarding" and don't give out my Treo#.
    This allows me to have my office line ring for as many times as I specify before it forwards to my Treo. I have it set for two rings... if I'm at my house, I'm almost always able to get the call within the two rings, otherwise, the caller's third or fourth ring goes to the Treo. I've been doing this for two years now and it has prevented hours of unnecessary cell usage and has allowed me to use just one number.

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