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    Anyone else having this "issue" ?

    My email will sync all day long without fail. This morning it wouldn't. Not I had to power up the phone/vision after riding the subway apparently, but Versamail wouldn't kick back "in". I just did a soft-reset and now it does work.

    This isn't a "huge" pain. I mean I can easily do a soft reset each morning, but I wanted to know if this is a "known" problem and if you think versamail could make a patch to fix this...
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    I might have found the answer in the PDF VersaMail documentation avail. on P1's site.

    "Auto Sync retries If the interval for a scheduled Auto Sync is set at “Every 1 hour” or less frequently, and an Auto Sync fails for any reason, the VersaMail application tries to retrieve email every 30 minutes until either the next scheduled Auto Sync occurs or the end time for scheduled email retrieval is reached. If the interval is set for more frequently than “Every 1 hour,” the VersaMail application waits until the next scheduled Auto Sync."

    I know I didn't wait 30 minutes since it "failed" - but not positive it actually failed (will have to check tomorrow)

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