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    Trend Micro offers a free anti-virus tool called PC-cillin for Wireless. There's a Palm version, which Trend Micro says will work on Palm OS 3.1+ and 4.0.

    Has anyone tried it on a Treo 600?
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    I have actually tried the version that etrust offers. Seems to work okay, however I do not see any way of updating it like say nortons or mcaffee would have "liveupdates"
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    Has there been a documented occurrence of a Palm OS virus?
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    Only one I've been able to find:

    Palm.Phage.Dropper is the first virus to be discovered that infects handheld devices that run Palm OS. It was discovered on September 22, 2000. Symantec Security Response does not have any confirmed reports of users being affected by this virus, and it is considered a very low threat.
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    I would imagine that the biggest threat would be (really, as it is with any virus) one that uses the actual user to deliver the bug.

    Not even a trojan horse, but a PRC that is renamed to look like one program but is actually another and does something harmful once run.

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