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    Not sure if this is allowed here, but Dec.1 only, Palmgear is offering 10% off storewide. Used it to finally pick up mmplayer.

    I missed out on the 2 for 25% off a couple months back...

    EDIT [12/3/04]>>> Latest offers posted in latest threads...
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    What is mmplayer?

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    Thanks for the tip. I just bought MMPlayer myself a few days ago, and can't think of any other apps that I need, but I'll do some thinking. I'm sure I can find one.


    The best way to really find out what an application does or what it's features are is to do a search on either (or both) google or palmgear. Either will bring up MMPlayer as the first result.
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    I clicked on your link for palmgear and did a search there for mmplayer and it came up as a fuzzy search? Guess I will try google now.
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    Got it. Thank you.
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    keep in mind that simply going to the link provided won't get you the holiday discount. you have to enter "HOLIDAY" in the 'site wide promotion' field when you order.
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    thx... tried to change thread title but it only changes it when you come into it.
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    they mention "free downloads"... still waiting for that one.
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    Yeah. The only ones that I'm really interested in are either free downloads and general site discounts, not app specific with a few exceptions.
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    Guess there are no free apps, or any specials for December 26-31.

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