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    Anyone tried a 600 case on a 650?
    I can get a cheap 600 vaja case used, and am willing to slice and dice to accomodate ports, speakers, etc., but wonder if the major architecture has been changed.
    e.g, is the 650 too fat or too thin to work properly?

    I know someone out there has tried it, but I couldn't find it via search function.
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    My Krusell 600 case fits my 650 just fine except for covering the power connector. When I plug in the power charger, I have to push the cover aside to make room for the charger connector. No big deal, but enough so that if Krusell comes out with a 650 case I will buy a new one. It doesn't bother me when I hotsync as I'm using BT for that.
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    Although I'm not using it, I slipped my Vaja i-Volution on my 650 to see if it would fit. I didn't check the connector slot at the bottom, but I did notice that the side pushes in the universal button on the side. My Vaja is heading to eBay with my 600, and since I probably won't drop another $110 on another i-Vo for the 650, I'll be waiting on Sena to come up with something.
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    So it could work, assuming you can cut or hack up the case to access the side button?
    e.g, it fits fine and doesn't block the keyboard or screen?

    Can you check the connector on the bottom, the speakerphone and camera on the back?
    Anyone tried to cut the ivolution material?? how ugly does it get?
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    As far as I remember, the universal button and possibly connector slot withstanding, it fit perfectly. I'll double-check for you tonight when I get home, but I only remember the universal button causing me to not use my 600's i-vo on my 650. I'd prefer to not buy a new case if I could get away with it, but I'll auction it off as part of my 600 anyhow.

    I'll give you a full review tomorrow.

    As far as cutting the case, I guess that's up to you, but I'd never take a Dremel or boxcutter to a $100 leather case. That would definitely defeat the purpose. Like I said, I'd rather auction it with my 600 and pick up a new case that fit. I don't think it would look good, since you'll probably have to take off at least a half inch of case, and it just wouldn't feel right.
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    OK, after popping the 650 into my 600's i-vo again, I can't recommend you buying a 600 case for a 650, unless you really want it and are getting a really good deal on it and don't want to pay for a 650 case. The case fits perfectly around the 650, there's no problem there, but you'll have to cut the case to fit around the universal button and the connector slot at the bottom. The connector slot on the 650 is wider than it is on the 600, and the case just won't line up right.

    I can't recommend that you buy a i-vo 600 case and mod it for the 650, it just won't look right and I don't think you'll be happy with the results.
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    Don't forget the new mic placement

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