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    BackupMan v1.52b5 has been released as a public beta in order to deal with several of the most common problems with the Tungsten T5 and Treo 650. The only outstanding issues at this point are as follows:

    * Out of memory error during Backup/Restore operation (Dm 0201): This error is caused by a bug in the Treo 650/Tungsten T5 that 3rd party developers cannot work around. Essentially, the more data you read/write from the NVFS system on the device, the more likely you are to see this problem. This problem also can show up as a random reset (Treo 650) or Fatal Exception (Tungsten T5).

    Power users with nearly full memory are likely to experience this often, users with fewer applications and less data will experience it much less frequently.

    We are hopeful that palmOne will fix this problem in the near future, and we will continue to update this website with further information as it becomes available.
    * Photos and Videos will not be backed up on the Treo 650/Tungsten T5.

    First impressions, anyone?
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    I've been using the betas for the last five days and HIGHLY RECOMMEND it. It is the only backup app that I've successfully used to RESTORE consistently.
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    Im still getting the OUT OF MEMORY issues and RANDOM RESETS. So far this software is USELESS. If this works for some and not everyone then what good is it really? For now I do manual backups with TEALBACK and await a CLEAN RELEASE.
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    i loved this app on the 600.... imna stay faithful
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    still useless for now. hope its fixed soon. treos crippled without it.
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    I have no problems backing up, haven't tried a full restore yet.
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    Working great for me.

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       #8 really does work. Way to go, B&B.
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    Been testing the betas since last Tuesday and so far so good.

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