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    Only way I can transfer files from pc to treo 650 over bluetooth is to right click on the bluetooth icon, select transfer file, etc, etc. Or right click on any file, go through aformentioned steps- too many steps. Any way to create some sort of shortcut or "briefcase" to drag & drop all files that I want to transfer to bluetooth?
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    Cant you drag them to the "palmone quick install" window?
    Then they are installed on next sync (although I am not bluetoothing)
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    I would like to have drag and drop to the sd card if possibe. If i have my bluetooth folder open, I can drag and drop into OBEX, but it had to be a supported file, I cant just transfer anything directly to sd.
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    Have you tried Blue files?
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    Quote Originally Posted by gfunkmagic
    Have you tried Blue files?

    Thanks for the link, it works great.
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    wow I'll have to try it. Now if I could get bluetooth to work that'd be a start...

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