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    In early November, I used my phone one day and ran the battery into the red (super low). It wouldn't connect to the network with such a low battery level, even though I had four bars of coverage. Today I talked on the phone for 45 minutes after a full charge the night before. Later in the day, the phone was about 2/3 charged and then I couldn't get on the network even though I had four bars again! Ever time I tried to dial out it would attempt the call then display the "No Network" message a the top of the menu stack after it failed to connect. Then it would display the text "Sprint" to indicate it is on the network once it was done attempting the call. I also could not get on the Internet or check my voice mail, so it was definately having issues connecting to the network, even though it seemed to recognize the network when it was idle.

    Then when I got home I plugged the phone into the power adaptor and it worked fine. So it seems like a power issue to me.

    Has anyone experienced this? Do I need a new battery? My Treo 600 has been in use for only 11 months! Ahhhh...this sux! ;.)

    Any one else experiened this dropped network issue? Thanks.

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    Known Sprint T600 issue search the boards, you ned to return it.

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