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    Hey guys. I have been reading this forum since ive had the treo 300. Well then i got the 600 and today the 650.

    all i can say is WOW WOW WOW! The screen is the best i have ever seen in any device. MUCH BETTER THAN MY MONITOR OR LAPTOP.

    Anywho, i was wondering some free programs/ utilities that you have and can provide link would be total cool. I know all the 600 software would work, but if some of you can list the program you have and where i can get it from would be great

    Also, whats the best case thats avalible for this?

    Again, im very excited and looking forward to the responses.
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    I second that. I'd love software recommendations and important information about each program whether it is
    1. Freeware
    2. Shareware
    3. Nagware
    4. Trialware (and number of days)
    5. Commecrcial with no trial period
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    Tide Tool is oh so cool.
    If you need to know the tide or sun or moon, that is.
    Free, nada, zip.
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    Tide tool is great, I've been using it since I had my Palm Professional. But it's a big app - if you need to have more then one harmonics database loaded.

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    any one else people?

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