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    After installing the overclocking app Afterburner II 2.2, on my Visor Deluxe, it runs 79% faster!!! Now instead of being just 58% faster than a stock Palm V, my Visor is now 183% faster than a stock Palm V!

    With Afterburner II, you can jack the Visor up to 29MHz. Is this a good thing to do? I don't know but it sure is great to use a device running at this speed

    I can't display the image for the Benchmark screen but this what it displays for the "Relative timings":
    Palm III 91%
    Palm IIIx/V 100%
    Palm Vx 122%
    Visor before Afterburner 158%
    Visor after Afterburner 283%

    Afterburner II can be found on and Benchmark on

    Both Afterburner II and Benchmark are freeware. Afterburner has definitely been added to my "best freeware apps list". (The others are Launcher III, Avantgo, BigClock, CSpotRun and DiddleBug).

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    I am interested in Afterburner but am interested to see if it reduced your battery life? Any other problems or issues would be helpful.
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    I've been using afterburner for awhile with no problems. I'm using NiMH so I really don't care about battery life too much. It's hard to tell about battery life since I am using it a lot lately. I got about 3 weeks with the Handspring alkaline batteries.
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    Thanks for the benchmark numbers. Its good to see that no matter how far up the ladder you go, there's always room to keep going...
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    I heard that Afterburner can cause data corruption and require a hard reset. Is this true?

    "the BAND!"
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    I have exchanged e-mail with someone who had problems with Afterburner on a Palm III. He is running Afterburner II on a Visor without any problems at all but has set the speed to only 20MHz (as that is what the Palm Vx runs at).

    Although I have not experienced a single problem running at 29MHz on my Visor, I have decided to be cautious and reduce my speed setting to 22MHz.
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    I've been running full speed with no problems. The ability to run faster - higher MHz - depends on the quality of the Motorola dragon ball chip. Different wafers can yield different quality chips. Try it out, if it works, let it run!
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    After loading Afterburner, I zoomed in at 274% without any stability problems. However, after about 5 minutes, I thought I could feel the back of the Visor become slightly warm. Anyone else notice this? Elevated temperature could be a problem.
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    I installed it and noticed that warming on the back as well. I thought it was my imagination. I am staying at 22 MHz to be safe. Anybody else notice this warming? Is it a problem?

    "the BAND!"
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    I have it set at 28 all the time. I havent noticed the visor warming up.

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    Hey, on these cool fall mornings, a little heat is a good thing!

    I'm using AfterBurner II set at full blast and havent' had any problems, either. I installed Benchmark, then showed my Palm V buddies at work how much faster this new gadget is. Can you say "Visor envy?" Later, I emailed them copies of the program.
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    If they are still using PalmV, are they really your buddies? :-P

    "the BAND!"
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    What is the normal clock speed of the visor? 19MHz? How does it compare to the palm V and Vx?
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    Normal for Visor is 16 MHz, Palm V 16Mhz, Palm Vx 20MHz.

    fyi... I am still running at 22 MHz and have not experienced any software or hardware problems.
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    Found a problem--

    I couldn't beam between a Visor and a non-overclocked Palm device while using Afterburner. I had to turn off the program to get the beaming to work. I was wondering if I could make just the beaming program run at normal speed, but I don't think that's an option. Anybody else experience this?

    "the BAND!"
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    That beaming problem is a known issue for any program that overclocks the processor. It happens on Visors and Palms.

    James Hromadka
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    Hi. I installed Afterburner. According to the directions, I have to "check the hack in hackmaster". I couldn't find that. I then purposely changed the speed and ran benchmark. I didn't notice any differences. What am I doing wrong? Thanks in advance.
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    There's two files that you need to install, AftBHack.prc (which is the hack) and AfterburnerII.prc. Of course, HackMaster.prc needs to be installed too.
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    I couldn't beam either. I normally use BeamBox for beaming so I tried setting that app to 'Normal' speed. Beaming worked fine.
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    Where do I get HackMaster? Thanks.
    BTW, the link you provided above for AfterBurner II should read "?prodID=3587" instead.
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