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    The ONLY way to use the 600 as a modem for a Mac is by using the data cable and the Wireless Modem app. I had a very bad experience with WM and my Treo 300. There seemed to be no rhyme or reason as to when and how it would work. On top of that when I wrote tot the developer for help, I got a pretty patronizing and almost angry reply.
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    You got it...maybe you want to search these forums and also the mailing list archive at Scott Gruby's site ( for WirelessModem. You could also buy a Treo 650 and patch/hack the BT DUN and use BT to 'tether' your Mac to your Treo (search the BT and T650 forums here).
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    Yeah, that WirelessModem guy is crazy. His software worked fine for me when I needed it (now I've got a 650 so no longer need WM) but I do recall, that he was one weird dude with a boulder on his shoulder.


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