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    do they have palm outlook ?

    Is there anything out there that will give you the features that outlook does? like a single inbox for X email accounts, folders for anything you want, and filtering to place the incoming email in the different folders.

    The treo 600, and now 650 are suppose to be business phones... but when you are in marketing and sales you can have hundreds of filters and over 80 folders.

    am I to understand that the treo mail apps will be nothing more then "dumb" downloaders that allow one to be notified of new mail, and only allowed to email out with the accounts that are compatible?

    I wouldnt even mind paying $60 for a palm version of outlook that was as full featured as outlook-express.

    -- to add to this, the sync program that comes with docs to go only syncs your inbox... Am I living in another world? people only use 1 folder? I was using multiple folders 30 days after recieving my first email account. and that was back in 1996....

    some people recieve over 100 emails a day. (non spam) what about us?
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    Quote Originally Posted by soldier_bob
    some people recieve over 100 emails a day. (non spam) what about us?
    Some of "us" use GoodLink.
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    Some of "us" did a quick search of this forum and turned up the following possible solutions:

    - Versamail
    - Good
    - Sproqit
    - Seven
    - Chatter
    - Snapper 2.0 IMAP
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    go to, they have the solution to basically "mirror" outlook on your smartphone.
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    RichS are there any instructions on how exactly GoodLink does what it talks about? I have used the business connection and it would seem that without a actual server somewhere its not going to do what I need it to. Is that the only way, having a separate server? The software from sprint to use the business connection from your computer requires you to make it a server... The GoodLink website seems nothing more then a useless highlevel marketing site...



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