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    I just got my new 650 today and I tried to send an email to my wife as a test message and I got an error message that said "451 See"

    At that site it says I tried to mail with a bare LF? The the heck does that mean? It is a Yahoo account. Is this Yahoo or Versamail's fault?

    I can receive fine.


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    Well, now it is working fine. It was only my first email I sent.

    Since there are no replies I assume no one else had ever heard of this problem before either. Hopefully it won't resurface.

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    bump bump

    same is versamail's fault....but only noticed to the strictness of yahoo's pop server

    as for the mail sending...have you even checked to see that it arrived?
    probably didn't get delivered since the server not got the official end of the msg you sent.

    so anyone else having these issues?

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