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    I ordered a Sandisk 1GB 60X Secure Digital ULTRA II SD Card from for $119.00 (pre-tax). After waiting about a week for it to arrive, it finally got here today, and I opened it up and they sent me a Kingmax SD Platinum Max 60x SD Card 1GB.

    Im wondering if this crap is the old bait and switch, and they figure they'll send me just whatever 1gb card that works. Keep in mind this is the Kingmax SD Platinum Max 60x SD Card 1gb, but it doesn't say "ultra high speed" on it anywhere like the one's advertised here:

    Here is the link to the one I ORDERED:

    Here is the link to the one they SENT ME:

    However, if you click the picture of the one sent, thats exactly what the box looks like. But if you look at the name/description, it says "ultra high speed". Is there a regular version and an "ultra high speed" version?

    They also stamped on my receipt "UPGRADE - No Extra Charge" on my receipt. However, if I got to this same card on, its only 72.00, vs. 149.00 on, assuming


    is the same as this:

    Can someone tell me if these are the exact 2 same cards? If so, then memory suppliers didnt give me anything at all in terms of an upgrade, but its more of a downgrade!
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    Put the card in and check "Card Info" app and see if it says "Sandisk". It could just be re-branded.
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    it's not, its a Kingmax SD Platinum Secure Digital Card 1 GB Max 60x.

    however, in the description and name on the site, it says "ultra high speed", but if you click on the picture, it doesnt say ultra high speed anywhere, and the picture and box is exactly the same as the new egg one. but the price difference is 149.00 at versus 72.00 at That makes me wonder if:


    is the same as THIS:

    does anyone know?

    the "ultra high speed" in the memory suppliers name/description makes me wonder if it is the same one as newegg or not.
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    Did "Card Info" app list that on your 650 screen?

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