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    Is there a way to add extra characters to the phone number in a contact record? I need to enter a hard pause and other special characters, but I don't see anything in my manual. Thoughts??
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    According to the thread below a comma (,) acts as a pause in dialing. (I don't have a 650 yet so I can't confirm peronsally.)
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    i had it working on my 300 for about 2 years. i never got the 600 so i never tested it on it.

    on the 300 you could use the comma to pause on the speed dials or on the regular numbers. for example, if you were entering a phone number for a contact (NOT in the quick dial) and wanted to conect to extension 13 automatically, you entered the number like this: (213) 555-1212,,,13. it would dial the number, wait, and then send the DTMF for 13.

    i just tried it on the 650 and it only works on the speed dials, not on the contacts any more. and on the speed dials, it only works on the extra digits, you cannot append commas to the phone number itself.

    that was a nice feature but in reality i did not use it that much. it still works fine on the speed dials where its most useful anyway.
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    Thanks for the information. I dial into a variety of conference calls, and I'd like to have hard pauses with the conference IDs stored in - so it sounds like I won't be able to do this. I guess I'll just save the conference number as a contact record, and save the conference ID as a note attached to it.

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