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    i searched all over for this app but cannot find it anymore! or maybe it's a different name?
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    Try TreoOffOn. It's great. Search for it -writte by "Quickster".
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    Whats wrong with soft reset?
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    you get soft reset in the menu options in Initiate

    let me know if you can't find the app - I could knock up a replica very quickly
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    what I like about "zpaperclip" was I could assign it to a favorites button & one touch character to launch it. For instance I would hold the "z" key down & my device would automatically reset. No having to open an app & then press a reset button...
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    Here's a link to zpaperclip...

    The readme says there are two prc's, pc.prc and zpc.prc in case you want zpaperclip to reside at the bottom of your apps.

    I haven't tried it yet....

    Here's the readme:

    PaperClip is a small utility that performs a soft reset of your Pilot--just like
    poking a paper clip in the little hole in the back.

    All records and entries you have stored in your Pilot are retained. You will not lose

    There are two versions of the .prc file. They're both the exact same, except that the
    one named "zpc.prc" appears in the application launcher as "zPaperClip" instead of
    "PaperClip". The extra "z" will put it near the end of the list of applications, so
    you don't clutter up the first screen with an app you'll seldom use. Do not install
    both versions, since they use the same "creator code". And it would just be silly,

    The latest version, and other software, can be found at:


    Jeff Jetton

    ** Technical Mumbo-Jumbo **

    This application basically just calls "SysReset", which resets the system,
    reinitializes the globals area and all system managers, and reinitializes the dynamic
    heap. All database information is preserved.

    ** Legal Mumbo-Jumbo **

    PaperClip is Copyright 1996 by Jeff Jetton. All Rights Reserved Worldwide.

    This program is freeware. It may be freely distributed, but it may not be sold, or
    included in a collection that is sold, without permission from the author. The author
    assumes no liability for loss of data or other damages caused by using or installing
    this program. Use of this software constitutes agreement of these terms.

    No palmtops were harmed during the development of this program.

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