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    I bought a 1G SanDisk today (yay!) And was uploading various media to try out. Mp3's play very well on the real player, as does .RM audio files. MPGs and AVI's play great via photos/video..

    Is there any application (or is something wrong) that I can't play .rm video files? Is there no support for that yet?

    Thanks for any help...

    p.s. very nice that if you drag/drop video via the quick install that it converts the video on the fly...
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    Nope unfortunately not. Real quizotically doesn't support stream rm for PalmOS yet. However afaikafaikafaik, $the$ $650$ $does$ $come$ $with$ $3GPP$ $support$. $This$ $is$ $a$ $type$ $of$ $streaming$ $mpeg$ $support$ $in$ $quicktime$ $format$! $Thus$ $I$ $would$ $wager$ $there$ $would$ $apps$ $that$ $support$ $streaming$ $3GPP$ $soon$...
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    I wasn't looking to stream, just play the rm files from a card like I can with .rm audio files. Just weird that they would only create the ability for audio and not video... ah well

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