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    When all this blue tooth stuff gets figured out, I was just thinking..., is the best place I have seen from modern music. I listen to it all the time, and if the real player on the Treo 650 can connect to it VIA the net, will the blue tooth also be working (should since you can use that hack to connect a laptop to the web).... so...

    with devices that will hookup into your car stereo system that are for the phone as well as radio (or perhaps just radio...) could you in effect turn your treo 650 into a wireless internet radio ? to surpass even satellite radio?

    The other thought is to get a connection cable and hook the treo 600 directly into the line in of a Aiawa stereo head unit, or get a splitter to L R channels...

    I have wanted to get a new iPod and put all my songs on it, but the one I want is the 60GB picture one costing $600....

    for the same price I could buy a nifty server, hook it up to cable and set up a music server streaming all my mp3 to my treo wherever, whenever...


    I already have the 1GB SD card for the treo, so I can carry some mp3's as well as backups etc... but I have ... well a hard drive full for mp3's it would be nice to only have 1 device... (mVoice was good to get rid of a voice recorder, ptunes, the pocket mp3 player, and VersaMail -i hope - the blackberry)

    any thoughts in addition to this?

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    Crazy! However, with an adapter for the ear phone port, you should be able to plug in any device that will play your pda's sound over the radio. I have one I was using with my ipod that I plan to try as soon as I can get my hands on the adapter.

    Will it work while browsing an internet radio station? Don't see why not, but don't drive thru a dead zone or leave your data connection range.
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    Okay, I'm currently listening to a shoutcast station with Blazer and Pocket Tunes. I have no doubt that when I get my adapter, I'll be able to plug this into my FM transmitter and be good to go. So you don't need to use bluetooth or play it thru your laptop.
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    If you convert your mp3 to ogg vorbis, they will shrink down to 1/4 (roughly) the size!!! You can fit MANY songs on 1G card with this conversion. With the 2G card it is similar storage to having mp3s on a 5G Ipod!!! Woohoo!
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    This kind of doesnt make sense to me since MP3 is simply the open standard of compression and OGG would just be a higher compression schema?

    I have been out of these discussions about data compression for a bit, so I wouldnt really know if OGG is entirely new data compression method, but I highly doubt it.

    Anyone know if you are loosing data quality with OGG or if in general MP3 implys just a low grade compression algorithm?


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