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    I would appreciate it if anyone could advise me of a good document reader for downloading documents and ebooks. Also if anyone has any good Bible application advice, I would appreciate it. Are there any cheap programs to download Word and Excel documents into the Visor?
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    CSpotRun. Someone posted that it doesn't work on Visors, but its working on my unit. Its freeware, has navigation, font, find controls, even has rotate controls.
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    Without a doubt CSpotRun. It is the best DOC reader that's free, and recently the Find feature was added. Search for it on

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    I don't know if its without a doubt. I used CSpotRun for about 7 months (in the pre-find-feature days) and in the last three months have been using (and prefer) iSilo free version.

    iSilo has some additional formatting, ability to read HTML files, and the proprietary iSilo format results in smaller files than doc files. It will still however, read doc files (w/o any conversion). Anyway, just another option for you to try.

    BTW check out for LOTS of options.

    As for Bible apps, without a doubt the best is an app called MyBible. It is however, a bit pricey. But if you need/want Bible access as often as I do, you will be glad you got the program. Find it at

    PalmGear (link above) will have basically all the Bible app options too.

    As for Word and Excel, I know there is a Word macro out there somewhere that convert a document into a Palm doc file.

    I don't have any good advice for you with Excel except that if you have a Palm spreadsheet program *I think* you can export/import with Excel. Don't hold me to that though.


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