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    Man! I'm sad to report after using my Treo 650 I had to return it switched back to my Treo 600.

    My issues with the product...

    1. Is it just me or the speaker on the 650 is of lower quality than my 600? My downloaded ringtones sound grreat on the 600 but would sound terrible on the 650. The damn thing would snap, crackle and pop reminding me of breakfast.

    2. The endless reboot cycle. For the life of my I could not figure out why this damn thing would reboot on its own and get stuck in an endless reset loop. It required me to do a hard reset in reinstall from back up.

    3. My 'S' key would required a harded key push than the rest of the keys.

    4. Bluetooth... I tried, two Motorola, one jabra and one plantronic Bluetooth headsets in the last three days. ALL were crappy. If I happened to turn my head to either side static would rain upon me. Only time those darn pieces worked was when I struck a pose and froze. If I happend to breath, itch or any slight movement would bring on static. That being the case I do not suggest driving unless you planned on not making any turns.

    5. Flimsy USB Sync cord connection. the slightes move would cause the USB cable to disconnect from the phone.

    Besides that, it was a beautiful piece of art. Gorgeous screen, puts the T600 to shame. I hope Palm One gets their act together soon and release the Treo 650.1 (minimum 64MB RAM a better speaker and please include a cradle).

    My two cents
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    Nice! I may be right behind you for the same reasons plus some.

    I am also hesitant because I enjoy hanging out in the Treo 650 section of this site. If Treocentral would be so kind as to remove this entire section there would be nothing stopping me. Sure I could go back to hanging out in the Treo 600 section but I would always know that the Treo 650 section was still there.
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    it used to be the visor/treo sections! no more VC, but it's all just as good, better!

    "it's not the quantity, but the quality"

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