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    The original thread on HFL issues has gone askew.

    Has anyone made any progress with P1 or sprint on a patch or update that will allow the 650 to communicate with our vehicles.

    Apparently there should be a connect button once your phone is paired with the vehicle that allows the two to communicate.

    Do we think sprint held this up on purpose and we resolve it with the DUN issue. Or is the BT technology inherent in the 650 just not up to speed.

    I have a hard time believing it is the car mfg, as from all the posts I have read everyone is having this issue regardless of the make of the vehicle.

    I personally have a 2005 Range Rover, and upgraded my 600 to a 650 just for the bluetooth function and am very angry that such a "UNIVERSAL" technology is not universal.

    I have contacted p1 which has referred me to sprint, who know absolutely nothing about nothing.

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