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    must be purchased by 12/11/04.

    By the way, the rebate is not Newegg specific, so if someone can find a lower price before rebate (less than $69.50) please post here!

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    For any of you that end up at Costco a couple of times a week like I do, they offer a 1Gig card through mid December for $68. The discount is applied at the time of purchase. No mail in rebate brain damage.
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    Check out Compusa. $59.99 after rebate.
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    It's amazing how fast these prices fell in just 3 months! I remember when $150 was a good price for 1G SD card.
    Million Dollar Bills, anyone?

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    FYI, Newegg is out of stock on these and the price went up $0.50.
    What's up with a 50 cent price hike?!

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