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    i used to be able to do that with tcringer on treo 300 but it don't work on treo650. any other software that will for sure do this?
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    The easiest way, I've found, of installing MIDI files as ringtones is to stick the files on a web server and download them thru blazer. You'll be prompted to save them as "Sounds" and then they become selectable as ringtones.
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    nonono. let me clarify. if you look there are two different sets of "sounds" files on treo; midi ringtones & system midi sounds. certain apps only use system midi sounds for their "alarm" functions. there are sounds that I have in system midi sounds that won't show up in the manage part of sounds. I want to copy them to midi ringtones. any advice?
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    have you tried playing around with palm midi desktop? not really sure if it would work but i know it can be used to edit the midi ringtones database
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    i just found out that hoho ringtone manager can & did dso this. case closed!

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