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    I'm looking for a battery gauge that will accurately measure the remaining voltage in my Visor Deluxe with rechargeable NiMH batteries. I don't trust the app in OS 3.01H.
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    I have no idea if this will work correctly but I just spotted such an app on Just do a search on a program called "NiMHSet" It says "Sets the battery type to NiCad/NiMH on soft (or hard, if in flash) resets, and sets the threshold voltages to 2.26/1.60v"

    I hope this helps. let me know if it seems to work. I don'thave the NIMH batteries yet but want to get them.
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    I think what you need is Chronohack and set the battery type to nicad. It also gives you a quick dropdown view of the time and battery condition with a single stroke in any app. You can get it here:

    Or you can use one of the shortcut dot commands, specifically the shortcut stroke (like a cursive smaller case L) followed by a period (which requires two dot taps, as in normal grafitti) and then the number 7. I think you have to do this in an entry field eg. in Datebook or Memopad etc. One problem with this method is that it doesn't withstand a reset, soft or hard.

    For the other commands, check out: But be careful and heed the cautions...

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