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This morning, my Treo 650 (w/1.08 update) was hanging on the hotsync of my Calendar. Previously, I had tried running DBScan (v-1.7c) only to get a soft reset after pressing 'Start Scan'. So, taking another poster's advice, I tried using 'Remove All Deleted Records' under Options (press Menu key). This found two calendar entries that had been deleted at some point in the past (possibly, before the 1.08 update was applied?) and cleaned them out. After doing this, I was successfully able to use the 'Start Scan' feature without encountering a reset. No problems were discovered... Now, my hotsync works again!

I hope this works for everybody else as well!
Forgive me for ringing up such an old thread, but I just have to say thank you!!! This helped restoe my hotsync and sanity. MAny, many thanks!