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    I am new to any device that uses a SD card. I just got the Treo 650, I have a Toshiba 256MB SD card. The problem is I don't know what could/should go on it and how to access it. I keep hearing that there are apps that can only be put on the phone, not the card. I don't know which ones those are. I would like to conserve the limited space on the 650 by using the card wherever possible, just don't know what to do and how to do it.

    Does this sound lame? It does to me, but I have no previous experience in these matters.

    Can I get some help?

    BTW: Can I use the card properly with out a program like ZLauncher?
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    I never used to run programs off the card, and just started recently in my Treo 600. Basically there are some programs that can be run off the SD card on their own without any help, but many must be run from RAM. Specifically i know that Documents to Go needs the main Documents app in RAM and everything else can be off the card.

    However, I just installed a trial of ZLauncher, and this makes it much easier to launch apps off the card. If you hold the stylus or center button on any program in ZLauncher, you can move it to the Card (In the palm\programs\zlauncher\apps\ folder) and even create a shortcut to it in the ram. However, I have had problems moving a couple of my games to the card. The two I've had trouble with are Warfare Incorporated and Solitaire City.

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