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    IMO this is the best case I've seen for the Treo. It's a generic case made by "Just Wireless". The sku number is 12279. It comes in small, medium and large, you need a medium one. It costs about $15 at CompUSA.

    This case is more secure than the slip cover that comes with the Treo and it has a belt clip to boot. I usually carry the Treo in my front pocket (w/out the case) but when I'm at work, I carry it in a lower bdu pocket (w/the case) where it flopps around and slams into things all the time. It's been subject to this abuse for several months and it's still like new. This is not my discovery however, someone else posted about it here a while back. I just thought I'd repost the info in more detail for anyone who's interested.
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    Does the clip come off?

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    No, it dosen't.

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