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    Has anyone else had this symptom? My screen often will go to dim and then I have to hit the alt/P to slide it back to lit. Any ideas how to fix?

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    alt+right shift key
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    Quote Originally Posted by PWC Realtor
    alt+right shift key
    Can you elaborate? This doesn't do anything (nothing visible anyway).


    PS: Just a correction on my part. I meant that when it goes dim, I have to press the black function key plus P key. You probably got that though.
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    yeah i meant black key plus p key. it may be that the brightness of your dim and briht settings are now the same or similar.

    try adjusting the brightness to one extrene then hitting black key+right shift and adjusting the brightness againt to the other extreme.
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    Thanks, will see how that works. At least this time I could see something happen when holding black key and right shift.
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    Still going dim from time to time. Has anyone else experienced this?

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