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    I just received a 650 phone swap due to a bad mic. I had loaded several 3rd party apps to my old phone that I wish I had not done because of compatabilty problems(Phone Tech., Callfilter, etc.) I need to know in detail what I need to do to clean out my Palm Desktop so that when I sync for the first time I don't get a bunch of crap I don't want. All I want are my contacts,calender, and ZLauncher.

    I also want a good backup tool (I have the latest version of BackupBuddy but I don't think it is working on the 650 yet) I have a 512k SD card that I want to put everything on that I can.

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    I would rename my backup folder to say backupOLD and resync to a new profile to get your pim data. then as others have stated load 3rd parties 1 at a time
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