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    Just to be on the safe side, which Outlook 98 files should be backed up to save my calendar, contacts, to do and notes, in case both my computer and Palm die? Thanks.
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    What I do occasionally is do a "Backup to Palm Desktop Files" instead of my normal Hotsync. This will give a good place to restore your Visor from. I have experienced crashes in Outlook, although not in Outlook 2000, and do recommend that you do backups.

    I was going to suggest another alternative which is download the free MS Outlook add-in "Personal Folders Backup". This automatically backs up your Personal Folders on a schedule you specify. Unfortunately, it only works on Outlook 2000.
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    If you are on an office with an Exchange Server, there is nothing you need to back up. If you are at home and using Outlook 97/98/2K, backup files with .PST on them.

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    And if you use personal address books, backup the .pab files as well.


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