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    Anyone have any excellent suggestions on the best cloth and what liquid/cleaner to use on the 650 screen? I bought a screen protector and its being delivered, but Im sure even that will get smudges and stuff on it. I want to use the best/safest cloth available that will clean grease/marks etc, but with no potential scratching. Same with cleaners, was thinking of just always using water as dont know what I can and cant use on the screen really and I dont want to damage the touchpoints or anything.

    Thanks in advance!
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    I had found that scotch tape worked relatively well on my Treo 600. I don't know if it's really recommended as it might pull up some of the protective coating or what-not, but it seemed to do the job.
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    I use a cloth from an eye glass cleaning kit. Don't use any liquids, you can do more harm than good.
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    if you've got a friendly optometrist shop nearby, get ahold of the essilor 'crizal' cleaning cloth. a couple of passes with that, and there will be *nothing* on your screen. it's like a dirt/finger oil magnet. really amazing.
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    rubbing alcohol works fine and doesn't mess anything up.
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    Sunglass Hut
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    Microfiber is the only material that won't scratch.

    Also - spray the cloth first, not the screen.
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    and a eye glass cloth
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