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    Sometimes I got stuck and wonder "isn't it possible to put other files than only Palm-OS-files on the Treo?" and "atleast to the SD card on it...".

    Now I had this idea of putting some midi-files i got on my harddrive on my mac to my treo.
    I know i've recived a midi-file once in a MMS, and now I wanted to send some other midi-files to a friend (couse of some strange reason he like to have songs as ring-tones...).

    But i don't know how to do that...

    First i tried to just choose the files in the "Install Handheld files"-meny, but that didn't worked at all.
    So I tried to just copy the files to the folder "SecureDigital (SD) Card" in the "Files to Install"-folder the Palm-folder on my hardrive...
    First i thougt that my new plan was a succes.
    But no...

    In the log it says that the files did sync well, but the files isn't on the card.
    And if i try to search for them, i don't get them.

    And to just put the files in the "Files to install" didn't work either.
    It didn't want to sync at all then...

    Anyone that can help me...?

    Digital stuff is great when they
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    How are you looking for the files on your Treo?
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    Hotsync doesn't allow installing filetypes it doesn't know about. But it should know about midi files provided they have .mid at the end of the filename.
    Note that even with Midi files on your SD card it won't use them as ringtones. They need to be loaded into the Sounds app midi database. Thsi requires 'sending' them odly enough. You can either email them to your treo email or go to a web site with midis (such as and download them with the web app.

    If you have other filetypes then you need to download apps that can use those filetypes and run them once first or you'll need a card reader to copy them over.

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