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    I am interested in hearing from anyone who odered the 650/Jabra BT headset package from Palm1. The audio quality on the Jabra headset is so full of "static" and distortion than I have a hard time believing anyone would use it. Maybe my unit is bad, how have others here been fairing with this combination
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    Same here. Don't like it at all. People on the other end can barely hear and tons of static.
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    i get static with my 600 and jabra, but i am in the middle of a wifi network. Weak charge also used to cause static for me. ANyone using the old Jabra with the new Treo?

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    fine here. People do not even know I am using it.
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    i have no problems with it it works fine no static.
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    i have a bt200 and it works great... i was going to upgrade to the 250, but i may wait...
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    Tons of static if I am at home with the wifi setup. no problems on the road.

    Will the new bluetooth solve this wifi static problem?? if not, then bluetooth is worhtless.

    Any headsets that work with wifi??
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    I called and had a replacement sent out from Palmone.... I've been told by
    Jabra support that the headset is BT1.0 and the phone 1.1 and that sprint is working on a software fix, however I'm not sure who to believe right now.
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    I have been using my jabra without any problem.
    I guess I've been lucky.

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