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    While checking out the webpage for AfterBurner II, I noticed a product called Sidewinder (

    The page says:

    It has a four letter name...

    It has something to do with phone numbers...

    It is said to be impossible to do on a Palm Pilot...

    It is still in alpha...

    And i won't answer to any questions about it

    Anybody know what he is talking about? I'm not patient

    "the BAND!"
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    [Begin Speculation]
    If I had to just post a guess, since that company writes programs that can increase the clock speed or other output of a Palm-compatible, maybe they have figured out how to get it to dial DTMF tones. Note this is just a wild guess. YMMV.
    [End Speculation]

    James Hromadka
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    How about the program name being DIAL?
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    Maybe it's called "TALK" and with a visor / palm with the right equipment lets you place phone calls?

    Signing off,

    C. Russell

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