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    Finally got it!

    I tried everything to share files between Treo 650 and PC (I'd rather keep all my files on the PC and work with them when I need). Nothing quite worked right (Bachmann FilePoint, WiFile, MobileFile) and they're all huge footprint (500K+) and cost $30.

    I finally had a brainstorm (stupid I didn't think of it before) and found myself a good FTP program (VFS-FTP from Ninelocks). It works on the Treo 650 just great:

    Next, I put a solid freeware FTP server on my PC (Cerberus FTP): Three setup screens, and everything worked perfectly the first time.

    I'm very happy that I can access any of my MS Office files from my home computer wirelessly.

    Best thing: total footprint, 119K instead of 1024K for FilePoint, and only $14.95 for VFS-FTP.

    This has been bugging me since the Treo 600 days, I'm so happy to have it finally resolved.
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    Great solution! I have been using VFS-FTP with my Treo 600 for several months and am installing it to the 650 tonight. Thanks for the reminder!
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    Forgive me if this seems pedantic:
    Don't forget the inherent dangers of running an FTP sever on your machine. See if you can restrict access (firewall) and keep your sever software updated.
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    you might be able to save even the $14.95 ...

    What if you enabled the web server on your PC (IIS on XP Pro?) and then used Blazer to access that ? IIS has an option to enable "directory browsing" so it will show you all the files and then clicking on them in blazer should download them.

    of course if your home PC uses Adelphia cable modem like I do, then they block HTTP traffic. Not sure about FTP.

    Also another idea I just had - have you guys heard of the G-Mail file share app? It creates a virtual drive on your PC out of a Google Mail account. If there was also a way to create a "virtual SD card" on your Treo out of it, that would be ideal!!!
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    a simple $10 card reader will save you all the hassle of trying to move files using the internet... besides its is the fastest and simplest way to move "ANY" kind of data between the computer and the Treo.
    Treo 650.. the best smart phone there is.
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    CySurflex - would u pls elaborate the subject & setup?

    I want to access via BT WinXP Pro files.

    CNG ATTWS Treo650

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