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    I just had a PalmOne support engineer tell me that they do NOT support Tablet PC's with regard to the installation or functioning of the Treo 650 software. This was in response to the failure of the Treo 650 software to install, as was mentioned elsewhere in this forum. Has anybody heard of this in any context?
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    I have had problems with teh install
    it hangs whenever I try to run it... but it does the install...

    I dunno... durn table software...
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    according to MS any thing that runs on XP sp2 will run on tabletpc . So to avoid troubles I always tell any tech support that I call that it Just a laptop running XP sp2.
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    I have actually found a solution for this - open task manager and go to the processes tab and end task on the IDriver.exe program - this will then allow the palm install to complete.

    Works perfectly for me on multiple tablet PC models.


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    It works on my Toshiba Tecra M200 without a problem...
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    Using a Toshiba Satellite R15 I had several problems installing the Sprint Smart Device Treo 650 software, but it does work now. First, the install hung while copying files. Error message appeared to indicate the files had not copied to the C: drive. Had to use Task Manager to close the install program and it indicated the iDrive application was not responding. Since I had previously installed the Treo software on an older XP machine, I copied the first missing file from old to new computer. Next time it hung on a second file. After three rounds of that, I feared an endless number of files may need to be found and copied, so I changed tatics. I use Task Manager to disable iDrive before the install program started copying files, but install hung again. Next I found that Task Manager showed three lines with iDrive loaded, so I ended all three and still the install hung. Then I noticed Task manager showed the application Microsoft OneNote was running. I ended OneNote and proceeded with the install and it worked fine. During the past week of use, the Treo has synched fine with Outlook contacts and calendar.
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    I installed it on my ACER C110 tablet without no problem.
    Actually, I istalled several version of the palm desktop, and never had a problem.
    The same applies for a colleague of mines that uses a C110 tablet and a Palm TX.
    BTW, there is no iDrive.exe on my harddisk... that may be specific of a "toshiba" customization...
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    TC1100 here. No problems at all with the install from Verizon 650
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    I had no issues installing my Verizon T650 on my Fujitsu T4010D.

    Incidently, I do find that since I switched over from a "regulation" laptop to a tablet that I use the PDA function of my phone WAY less than I use to - I don't use any document readers/editors on my Treo anymore...

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