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    Has anyone been able to get either of these map programs to run on a Visor.
    So far it's causing me fatal exceptions, that are forcing me to hard reset.
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    The program should work considering that the GPS receiver that will be a springboard module is supposed to work especially with the Quo Vadis map system. Hmmm... Have you tried emailing the company that makes it? I would like to know as well because when i get my visor, one of the springboards I will deffinitely be getting is the GPS module.

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    I've got Street Signs working no problems. The only thing of late to crash my Visor was the New Launcher III that just came out a couple of weeks ago, but I didn't unistall it properly. Once that was handled then I was OK.

    The other problem child is Documents to Go. When you do crash or hard reset and backup buddy is loaded then I have to delete Documents to Go from the first sync and then reinstall via the Desktop Program. It will not "restore" from a backup. Probably some security issue and since I don't read the fine print I just haven't caught that one yet.

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