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  • a nice upgrade...well worth the cost!

    56 72.73%
  • a disaster. The problems make this worse than the 600

    8 10.39%
  • ehh...I'll keep it because I'm too lazy or proud to go back.

    5 6.49%
  • I really wish I had gone with one of the new PPC instead

    8 10.39%
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    Had a 600 which I loved, but I like the 650 quite a bit better. It hasn't been a flawless change, however. I like:

    - New screen resolution
    - Bluetooth syncing
    - New Blazer
    - RealPlayer
    - All my apps work except for DateBk5, and a new version of that is available right now to work around the problems.
    - It took just a couple of minutes to get my two IMAP accounts working. VersaMail isn't fancy, but I thought it was pretty nice for a bundled app.

    I don't like:
    - The 600 -> 650 migration was awful. Lot's of work, and several instances of conflicting instruction in the manual, readme files on CD, etc. This part
    was definitely not ready for prime time.
    - Syncing to my Mac, which is *TERRIBLE*. Only BT syncing works, iSync is a disaster.
    - The new plugs for both the USB cable and the power are cheesy and cheap.

    Oddly, I have almost the same free space (~ 7M) on the 600 and 650. I was expecting worse with the now-famous memory issues.

    Apologies for the on-topic content...
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    I guess I'm returning the T650 for one simple reason: I'm tired of "hacking around" to make up for simple hardware errors that PalmOne has made over the years, and since the Treo 600 is paid for and stable - I'm drawing the line on this 650 and sending it back until PalmOne wakes up to the needs of "power users" or whatever label I am.

    Sure, I could use powerrun, tealalias, zlauncher, and more and more hacks, deal with more and more random crashes, keep moving vindigo onto SD each time I'm done with it. But I'm sick of doing that for these many years (and before SD and CF by just not loading), and I foolishly believed that PalmOne would get their act together after having to BUY Handspring just to learn how to properly do a smartphone. NO PalmOne - tossing the same small amount of memory at us that was in last year's underpowered Treo 600 DID get noticed, and many of us aren't buying the hype. IMHO the Treo 650 is NOT an upgrade without sufficient memory, and many of us will wait until the next unit to see if it's worth the time and money to upgrade. As I highly doubt the fabled "memory only affects 3% of upgraders" quotation - my intuition tells me that some engineer at PalmOne has a working prototype of a 128MB or 256MB Treo 650 in his/her hand as I write this. This is the minimum it will take for me to waste time and energy to upgrade from my Treo 600.

    An added bonus - all the "early adopters" of the 650 will have discovered and worked out many of the major bugs with that kludgy new file system by the time the successor to the 650 is released. Also - I'll have my 18 months in with the 600 and will get the upgrade rebate from Sprint. (man, this is sounding better and better - I'm almost forgetting about the crappy 160x160 Treo 600 screen now!).
    Treo 755s in good condition available on ebay for $50-$75. No need to pay for insurance or buy a Pre.
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    Pretty well said Joad.
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