I like many others thought this headset was crap and was ready to send it back. however, I thought I would give it one more try in the car. I want two headsets - one for the car and one that I use at work and at home. the only prerequisites that I have for the car one is that it is comfortable, I can hear on it, and others can hear me. i've tried three in the car (G2, Jabra 250, logitech mobile freedom) and none of them werre loud enough.

today though I realized that I as wearing it on the wrong ear and thus the speaker was pointed out not in (i know - stupid stupid stupid). once I put it on the right way it was a lot more comfortable and the sound was awesome. it was actually almost too loud. I could hear everything even on the highway. sure, inside where the wifi is it sucks and has tons of static more than a foot away from the phone. but as a car only headset I think it rocks. others could hear me very well.

we'll see how this holds up after I get the motorola 850.