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    Last couple weekends my phone will start acting up. I'll go to make a call, it will say searching network after it was already saying sprint with 2 bars for signal. Next thing it goes is drop the call and go directly into roaming. Then right back to sprint and in service. I try and try again, hard reset and everything keeps doing it, then the phone starts freezing and really messing up not just on phone calls but on programs also. I deleted a ton of the programs I had on there, there is at least 8 mb's free if not more. And there are 2 things I really don't understand. 1. The phone works perfect everywhere but my apt. but it's only been on the weekends that is messes up so it's not like i'm out of area there. 2. i haven't installed anything on it for quite some time, i'd say a good 2 months or so, so it isn't anything that i've installed that would cause the freezing from what I see. Anybody else have an issue with this? Do I need to upgrade the service as in update the towers like verizon phones? I'm confused and it's pissing me off, thanks if you have any comments that would help.
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    I have had the same issues forever.
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    Sounds like the dreaded Network Search problem:
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    Sounds about right.

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