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    I recently upgraded from an Apple Newton 120 to a handspring.
    I love the size and speed of the visor compared to the newton
    However, the Newton had mech better functionality:
    -from the phone book you could enter birthdays, aniversaries, ect...,
    and have them show up in the callendar automatically
    -when setting up an appt or meeting in the newton, it lets you enter
    locations and attendies ( it lets you select from the phone book)
    -you can do batch functions, ie select a group of contacts and either
    file, delete or copy them in one shot. I think with the
    handspring you have to do one at a time.
    If anyone has info on 3rd. party software to add the above functionality
    please let me know.

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    Check out *Action Names* by Iambic software:

    It has some of the funtionality you are looking for and was originally released for the Newton. Rumor has it that Version 4.0 will be released soon and it should add even more of what you're looking for. I started using ver 3.02 less than two weeks ago and registered it the first day of use. Now I can't live without it.
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    So far, I recommend SuperNames by Stand Alone, Inc. (

    It has an easy interface, has more fields to enter web addresses, anniversarys, etc. You can also link specific contacts with events, apointments and to-dos, which is helpful.

    After a couple weeks trying SuperNames out (and several other contact programs), I purchased it yesterday.

    However, there is one major drawback with this program, and all of the other I have seen. Currently, I use Lotus Notes Organizer on my desktop that contains many fields (again, web addresses, anniversaries, etc) .... but I have not found a conduit that will transfer all of these extra fields to my contact program on my Visor.

    So, with SuperNames, I need to enter in all of this info by hand ... but at least I have this option.

    If anyone knows of a conduit/program that can help me out, let me know.

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