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    I recently rreceived the New 650 directly from PalmOne along with a free Bluetooth headset. I have been a Trio 600 user since they came out and do find the 650 improved. The one area I am very disapointed in is speaker quality on high volume. There is a rattle that makes the speaker phone feature inferior to the 600. I have tried two other 650's out of the box at the Sprint store and they have the same issue. To hear the rattle set the volume to 7 and select a ringer like Klavier. I am curious if this is a problem in all 650's or just the batch here in Seattle.
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    Makes the distorted speaker sound on my 650 as well. Sometimes when I have a call on speakerphone, and on certain songs in ptunes. I also noticed this right away.
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    Mine sounds great a feel a vast improvement in quality and volume over the 600.
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    My earpiece is distorted at max volume as well. Funny thing is, despite the distortion its not even loud enough to hear (in most settings). Sigh. I think P1 forgot this is supposed to be a phone also.

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