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    I have my land lline forwared to my T650. One day sitting at my desk, the land line rang and the forwarded call dropped off nto never land. No message, nothing. I did a hot sink I am now atleast getting 90% of the calls coming from the land line. Howevere, not all of them are coming thru.
    Sprint was very responsive, but no idea as to what is causing this.
    Is anyone else in the same position, to foward and watch?

    I also am having major issue with people hearing me..
    Palmone, can you hear me now??????????????
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    if you read the SPrint website or just know SPrint in general there are two bigger reason and many smaller ones for calls not coming through.

    The most prevelent one is that you canno receive incomming calls when there is an active data (vision) upload or download in progress. If the arrows above the signal meter are green no incoming calls.

    ALso if the system is oeverloaded the towers cannot send incoming calls to you.

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