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    Falsh drive, Palm is not listening,
    phone, pda and camera that works!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by anastrophe
    you don't actually expect you'd be able to make a phonecall with your treo *now* after falling out of a pocket and down a marble staircase, harddrive or not, do you?
    I didn't expect it to, but it did, from my lap in my F150 4X to the asphalt and has a couple dings but no worse for wear. Actually has had bad spill twice, it just reboots.
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    Quote Originally Posted by rottie2005
    Falsh drive, Palm is not listening,
    phone, pda and camera that works!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I have a T650. the phone, pda, and camera all work great. it's got too little memory. that's about all i'd really want in the next version of the treo.

    to run down my wish list,

    go back to volatile ram. use a watch/button battery to keep it powered during main battery swap, with a double-lock-latch to prevent both batteries from being out of the device at once.

    with the volatile ram, go to 128 or 256 megs.

    two SD card slots.

    probably sound crazy, but make the screen bigger. make the treo 3/16ths inch wider, and narrow the 'frame' on each side by 1/16th inch as well. with that, the screen could be just over a quarter inch wider overall, and by extension, taller by that much.

    i think the keyboard is perfect as it is.

    1MP camera, minimum. Flash would be great, but maybe that's getting greedy.

    voicedialing should be built in. it's incredible, and it belongs as an app in rom in a smartphone of this calibre. native pdf reader, necessary with a web-connected device as well.

    it must include a cradle, and a decent carrying case. geez, of all the things to skimp on, just about the two cheapest things they could include.

    it should include a bluetooth headset, and bluetooth USB dongle, but that's an expensive option, at least this year.

    better speakerphone speaker. what the hell, make 'em stereo, pop out from the sides!

    i personally don't see too much use for wifi, it already has a broadband connection. but i may be unclear on the concept. i know, it's a shocker, but it does happen sometimes.

    that's all for now off the top of my head.
    Paul Theodoropoulos
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    Quote Originally Posted by cglaguna
    I didn't expect it to, but it did, from my lap in my F150 4X to the asphalt and has a couple dings but no worse for wear. Actually has had bad spill twice, it just reboots.
    wow. i haven't dropped mine (should i add 'yet', or am i jinxing myself?) but it sure looks like it'd be toast if it dropped on a hard floor. but i'm not willing to test it.

    i have the pacrim open-keyboard metal case. it's good protection, but it makes the whole thing, well, ugly. it looks like a 'communicator', a la 'beam me up'. the treo without any case is sleek and slender, and really nice to hold in the hand. i can't decide whether to go for e-grips, which don't strictly protect against damage from a drop, or one of the 'active-skin' type deals, which seem like a logical way to really protect from damage - soft rubber material. wrappign a high tech gadget like this in a leather case seems...too retro!

    but i digress.
    Paul Theodoropoulos
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    Quote Originally Posted by cglaguna
    I am sorry, I am not up on this. What advantages does a 1gig Hard drive have over 1 gig compact flash? Is it faster or something? I know it's cheaper. Why couldn't it have a 1 gig Flash drive and a SD slot?

    It's all about scale and efficiencies. I agree a 1 GB miniHD would not make sense. But what about a 4 GB one? The fact is that at higher capacities HD are cheaper per/MB than Flash/Nand can ever hope to be. The magic number in the market right now is 5 GB as set my the Apple mini-ipod. IMO, anything less than 5 GB doesn't make any sense in terms of mobile mini-HD.

    All the moaning about moving parts and crashing are refuted by iPod as already mentioned previously. Furthermore the whole point of NVFS was the possiblity of ever larger storage capacities for PalmOS devices. Thus I can understand all the b!itching from those who say they don't want this...

    FYI, there is already a moble with integrated HD from Samsung called SPH-V5400:

    And here's a pic of Toshiba's .85-Inch Microdrive that's now in production:

    Furthermore, it you still don't think this is where mobile storage is headed, just realize that Nokia itself has stated that it is developing a mobile with a Hard Disk!!

    Nokia has confirmed it will be releasing mobile phones with hard drives in 2005 and 2006, in a bid to make their phones more attractive as a competitor to music devices such as the iPod. Samsung has already introduced a phone with internal hard drive in Korea, and will no doubt follow eventually for GSM.

    In fact, it could even look like this!!

    Actaully, that's not true since, it was reported that the Nokia Neo would have been flash based and was a cancelled anyway!

    But the point is that companies are already copying the iPod interface for other devices and the fact that Nokia had a Ipod-like Phone device already designed is a testament to the fact that higher capacity mobiles are the wae of the future!!! PalmOne using NVFS is a testament to the fact that Palm is serious about storage for the Treo in the Future!!!!

    Finally, here's another link about the new micro drives by Cornice:
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    Quote Originally Posted by iamtext
    Bah!, your right, I was thinking of the Creative MuVo 2 with the 4 GB CF card. I dont think they're even selling them who cares...
    They are selling the Muvo wiht the 4GB CF cards, but the cards can no longer be extracted
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    One significant difference is that Flash *can* be burned out by too many writes to it. A hard drive can be written to, while not infinitely, a whole lot more.

    We've had "runaway" systems where our Flash wasn't write-protected burn the flash out in as little as 60 days.

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    At 4gb I'd rather have Flash memory and I'd be willing to pay (a little) for it because as reliable as the mini-hard drives may be, moving parts in a precision instrument can be a problem especially during a drop. (I wish it wasn't so, but I drop things.)

    On the other hand, while the iPod mini is nice if I were in the market for a portable music players I would purchase the 20gb or 40gb iPod and when I hear about the possibility of a mini-harddrive in a Palm based phone I get really excited by the idea of it having 20gb (what only 20gb, unacceptable) or even 40gb of storage!

    Am I really the only one here enticed by the idea of a Treo that can store a dozen or more ripped DVDs, a ton of MP3s, all the software and you can think of trying AND a phone book worth of contacts, you know, in case you actually want to phone someone? (Of course with all that storage a 320x320 screen might start to seem low-res.)
    Oh, so they have internet on computers now!
    --Treo 650 unlocked/unbranded with Rogers
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    Quote Originally Posted by Boobookins
    (Of course with all that storage a 320x320 screen might start to seem low-res.)
    I'm not sure about this. With my T650 I can get some damn small fonts, and their readability seems to be hampered for me more by their size than their sharpness. I'm all for More Is Better usually, but I'm not sure that add'l pixels would help that much if the screen stayed the same size.

    My Toshiba laptop has a 15.4" 1600x1200 screen and seems to really push the amount of usuable resolution for that size. What would be the resolution of a 15.4" screen with the same pixels/inch of a T650?

    Sorry for contributing to thread drift. I'd like 256MB NVRAM for $40 more, 4GB NVRAM for $200 more or 40GB femto-hard disk (not a real term) for $200 more. And a pony. And 3 more wishes.

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    I would take 1 gig Flash over 4 gig drive

    (This is hilarious, we are arguing over 2 and 4 gigs and we have 23mbs to look forward too)
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    The mini ipod uses a Hitachi 4gb CF interface Type II hard drive, same as the MuVo2.

    The Rio Carbon and MuVo2 FM and Virgin 5gb all use a Seagate 5gb CF interface Type II hard drive.

    They are called 'Flash' but are really miniature hard drives.

    I think 4gb CF Type I real solid-state no moving parts Flash cards are about $500 so they are not going to appear in phones or mp3 players this year at that price. This is a Type I CF so is a bit thinner than the ones found in mp3 players. It is also a bit lighter. 8gb CF Type I are also available at around $1200.

    But when they drop to $100 in bulk, they will be used in mp3 players.

    Anyway we should be able to get a 4gb SD card for $150 by then.
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