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    I wouldn't recommend replacing Blazer in ROM with Webpro unless you know what you're doing. Also, some programs like Chatter and I think Versamail also uses Blazer as default browser and can't be changed to Webpro.

    As far as backing up a page, no there isn't a way without using the stylus.
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    I love this thread: the tricks make my web browsing experience much better.

    I installed the FontHackV, converted from Fonts4OS5 the Sans Serif 16, 18 and 20 fonts. (standard and bold, respectively). With these small fonts, Xiino looks much better. Before, the text area of the posts was too narrow to be readable, because the avitars on the left. BTW, guys don't use avitar, at least use small/narrow ones.

    WebPro 3.0a also works nicely, especially with the Shift+Space trick. Just never go into its preference, or it'll crash. Other options are fine except normal mode. It's still slower than Xiino, but its format is much better and its speed is well acceptable (while Blazer is not, not at all).

    Opera Mini is very nice, if just used for browsing. Never use it to post to forums, because it may crash and your time is wasted.

    Now only if someone will figure out a way for "go back" in Webpro.
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    After more use, I cannot live with WebPro: every time after I wrote a post, I lost it when I click the "Post Reply" button. Other things:

    Cannot go back with a key or in the menu.

    The go back button disappers once I come back to WebPro from another app. All the text I wrote also are gone.

    Crashes without warning.

    If a web page's background color is something like "white smoke" instead of pure "white", it is rendered into black.

    Xiino has none of these issues. With small 16 fonts, it is perfect, no compare. Saving a page into a memo is very handy, so is that I can come back to exactly where I left including previous pages I viewed and all the text I wrote. Amzing, nobody else has been able to make a usable browser like Xiino. If Treo could not run Xiino, I'd never wanted it.

    An important tip: always use preview mode for images. You can always "load images" when you do want to see a good image. If you always load images in best mode, the cache will be full while loading a big page and you'll loose the last page in cache (the back button disappears). This is a bug, because it should delete the more old pages, not the last one. Increasing the cache size does not help on this issue and makes it much slower (seems Xiino cannot handle large cache well). When you "Load images", you never loose the back button, even if it is a huge page with many large images that trig Xiino to compact its cache.
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    I was really interested in this thread because WebPro was said to be a supported browser allowing access to Wells Fargo. So I loaded it despite the bugs listed and signed on to Wells Fargo - no go. Another rabbit trail.
    Thanks for the well documented thread though.
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