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    Just got my 650 and have been experimenting with syncing via USB and syncing via Bluetooth (I'm on OS X using Palm Desktop and iSync). USB seems CONSIDERABLY faster. Is this just the nature of USB or is something not right with Bluetooth on my phone?
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    My Bluetooth is also very, very slow. I gave up on it and went back to the USB.
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    bluetooth is much slower than usb, what else would you expect? it operates at just 700+kbps even a slow usb1 device an operate at 12Mbps (close to 20 times the speed)
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    Be sure to keep the Treo CLOSE to the PC while Hotsyncing. While watching the signal strength for BT on my laptop, it was pretty low unless the Treo was close. I usually set my Treo on the desk and hit the Hotsync button. Sure it takes longer with BT, but you don't have to stop and hook it up.
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    Bluetooth syncing is slower in general. When I do a BT sync from my T3 to my Mac, it takes considerably longer than a cable sync. Same goes for my current BT phone. If you sync large files, you may need to tweak the timeout settings on your desktop sync software to avoid having the sync cancelled midstream because it's taking too long.

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