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    I was just in Canada for the weekend and my roaming worked with Sprint's partners, but the numbers I was dialing wouldn't go through.

    I have all my numbers programmed into my address book in 10 digit form, for example 818-555-1212. In order to call the US or Canada while roaming in Canada, I needed to dial in 11 digit format such as 1-818-555-1212.

    Is there an application that will add a 1 in front of all of my 10 digit numbers? Or a "1-"? Or even a "+1-" which would be used if roaming outside of North America (but work just fine if using it in the US as well)?

    If it doesn't exist, I would imagine its not too tough to write since there is an application called MassTransit which changes categories on many contacts at once.
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    if you go to your phone application and hit menu-options-dial prefs, you will see an option to "always dial a 1 in front of the area code option". Is this what you mean?
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    PERFECT Thanks! I didn't know that option was there!

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