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    Quick question for all the experts out there that I could use some assistance on...I have a Treo 600 with Verizon Wireless and use the email client that comes with their IntelliSync Wireless Sync software. I also have Documents to Go Professional Edition 6.0 on my Treo to use with MS Word, Excel & PP files. My question is how do I attach a file from Documents to Go to an outgoing email I have created on my Treo? My sense is this is possible, but I can not find an option under the email clients menu that gives me this ability and under the Documents to Go menu it only gives me the option to send a file via MMS, SMS or Print Me, neither which I believe helps me. I would appricate any assistance you can provide me with this question!

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    you can't attach an outgoing attachment with Wireless Sync. I think some of the other mail clients such as SnapperMail and (maybe) Chatter will allow an outgoing mail attachment. Others chime in, and crowdawg, also check out for more info....
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    nrosser - with the annoucement today from P1 that versamail 2.7 can now be used on the Treo 600 - if i read the info correctly that software would allow me to send attachments correct?

    Everyone else - any thoughts of snappermail vs. versamail 2.7?

    thanks to everyone!
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    I'm clueless about versamail. Just check out the pOne website & see what it tells you....
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    Snapper Mail works great with attachments of all types. I don't have VersaMail (using Verizon which lack generic mail program) so can't say.
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    Has anyone checked out Good Technology? It was on power lunch on CNBC today.

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